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Workshop for Defence Services in Cybersecurity

Two day technical training on Cyber Security

InnovatioCuris & USI

25-26 July 2017

USI, New Delhi


Cyber Security is one of the biggest threat as well as opportunity in the contemporary world. The recent ransomware attack crippled NHS and over 100,000 other organizations in 100+ countries. The current government in India has launched many ambitious schemes that can potentially enable the citizens to take advantage of the digital revolution. Two of the most missions which cover the essence of the government’s visions are:

  • Smart Cities Mission launched by GoI to target 100 cities to be converted to smart cities
  • Digital India Mission transforming India to digitally empowered society and knowledge economy

Also, revelations made by Edward Snowden and attempts of sabotage through programs like Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Shamoon etc, only tell us that, how nation states have tried to sabotage the critical infrastructure. Leaders around the globe, including our own prime minister has recognized the threat of cyber attacks in 21st century and have shown keen interest in developing capabilities for cyber security. India especially has lot on stake with its flagship programs and also as a global hub for software development.

However, looking at a much systematic approach. We first need to question, when we are building a digital society is our foundation strong? Have we provided enough security for the building blocks. Are we equipped to safeguard the nation’s interest against any attack.

The need of the hour is to equip oneself with all possible mitigation strategies and as they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’ applies very well for cyber security domain and not just the medical space.

About the course

The two-day program for professionals addresses the immediate threats to every day systems by empowering professionals with much needed information. The cyber security threats are rising everyday and the human resources are the weakest link in the system. Hence, we need to take immediate steps to empower professionals.

The program will provide a solid foundation on day one to deal with security breaches and other attacks. As it is said that, “security is not about nuts and bolts, it is about the mindset”.

Day two will focus on more hands on exercises and practical problem solving for people to deal with situations that they might have to face when an attack on their facility takes place.

About InnovatioCuris

InnovatioCuris which is commonly known as “IC” is a unique organization, which brings deep healthcare expertise, a scientific rigour on applying global innovation models & management processes by leveraging IT to deliver healthcare at an optimum cost.

About USI

The United Service Institution of India ( USI ) is a unique Institution which was founded in 1870 with the objective of promoting the study of Naval and Military Art, Science and Literature. It is an autonomous Institution with over 13,500 members. The growth of the USI reflects the growth of the Indian Armed Forces during the last 147 years. Its Centre for Strategic Studies and Simulation, and the Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research are internationally recognised Centres of Excellence. Its ” distance learning programme ” through which it guides Armed Forces officers in their professional advancement commenced in 1903 and is well subscribed even today.

With the growing significance of cyber warfare and cyber security, the USI has been undertaking research on issues related to cyber security and published several peer reviewed papers and books on the subject.

Who should attend?

  • Security Forces
  • Government organisations
  • Industry Practitioners
  • Individuals and Academicians

Table of Contents for 2-day training (12 hours)

Day 1

  • Information Gathering
  • Indian IT law and case studies of cyber crimes
  • Google Hacking
  • Social Engineering techniques
    • Phishing
    • Email Security
    • Facebook Security
    • Call centre frauds
  • System Security
    • Windows Security
    • Linux Security

Day 2

  • Mobile Security
    • Android Spying
    • Phone tracking
  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Malware Attacks
  • Spoofing
    • IP Spoofing
    • Call Spoofing
    • Fake Mails
    • Challenges

Course coordinators

Dr V K Singh

Dr V K Singh

Sachin Gaur - Director of training at InnovatioCuris

Sachin Gaur

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