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IC Market Access Program

A bridge connecting to the Indian healthcare market

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largest global
ecosystem of startups

USD 372 bn

is the expected worth of Indian healthcare market by 2022


increase in the healthcare spending by Indian government by 2022


increase in the public healthcare spending by 2025


largest medical device market in Asia


high end medical
equipments are imported


rise in the GDP share of healthcare by 2027

~USD 200 bn

is expected to be spent on medical infrastructure by 2024

Get familiarize with Indian
business culture

Find right partners for
your business

Build network of stakeholders

Scale up and localize business into Indian market

Firm support of partners

Wide range of international and
national ecosystem partners and
constantly adding

Strong network

95,000+ people network and

Highly targeted visibility

Through India’s first magazine
on healthcare innovations

Ecosystem Partnership

We believe in co-creation as InnovatioCuris, and we believe that we are nothing without our partner ecosystem. Our partner ecosystem is a collection of best partners and resources that help you engage, go to market and succeed.

The essence of these partnerships is to create value together by supporting innovations and innovators in the health sector.

Innovation, Collaboration, Synchronization, Expertise, Reliability, Flexibility, Scalability all are the strengths of our ecosystem partners. If you have an eye for innovation and would like to be part of this healthcare innovation ecosystem

Corporate Innovations

  • Innovation is crucial to a corporation’s success by giving a competitive edge in penetrating markets faster
  • Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with startups and entrepreneurs, corporations can ensure new horizons of growth
  • Strategic partnerships can take existing innovation efforts to new drive
  • Are you considering to strategically implementing a new innovation or technology into your corporate’s existing business model?
  • Do you envision a mutual partnership to ensure a long – standing successful business
  • If your answer is YES! Corporate Innovation is what you need

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