Healthcare security

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Security threats | Ransomware | Data Security

Created by Dhruv Singh


The hospitals are unaware of the cyber threats or they usually neglect the aspects of cyber security in their hospitals. This leads to make headlines and reputation is at stake. At InnovatioCuris, our goal is to empower the hospital with updated security framework, best tools and techniques to defend themselves from the attacks.

Who this course is for:
  • Doctors
  • Clinicians
  • IT staff
  • Hospital owners
  • Anybody

What you’ll learn

  • Cyber security
  • Data security
  • Attack vectors in an organisation

Course content

Introduction to the Cyber Security

Introduction to the course

Evolution of internet technology

What consists of your data?

Common between medical practice and cyber security

Future trends

Attack vectors

Introduction to Attack vectors



Introduction to DDoS

Case study: GitHub

Man In The Middle attack

Prevention from DDoS

Credential resuse attack

Data security

Introduction to Data security

Security threats

Case study: Ransomware

About the instructor

Dhruv Singh - Training expert for InnovatioCuris

Dhruv Singh

Security analyst at InnovatioCuris
Tinkerer at heart, adventure in mind

With over 20 successful projects under the belt, Dhruv is a seasoned project manager. He has received his bachelors in Engineering from one of the reputed university of NCR. Specializing in project management, after his graduation he started his work journey with a bunch of young innovators and entrepreneurs in a budding start-up.

Currently, he is working as a cybersecurity analyst with InnovatiCuris. He has designed and conducted various cyber security training bootcamps for government, defense organisations and various accredited hospitals of India.