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Virtual bootcamp

April 9-11, 2020

About the bootcamp

This bootcamp series will introduce the participant to the relevant issues in cyber security. These issues include the stakeholders’ and users’ ability to disrupt the functionality of a system; corporate responsibilities and liabilities; and the never-ending software crisis that is related to the increasing amount of software and maintenance.

Bootcamp is designed to address the following needs

  • Those who intend to explore the cyber security field associated threats and countermeasures, and are new to terminologies and concepts of the cyber security world.
  • Technical background persons who aim for advanced learning in the cybersecurity field as this will help them to understand the advanced concepts and terms of the cyber world.
  • The bootcamp is designed for all industry spectrum professionals who want to become acquainted with the basics of concepts, terminologies of information security, networking, cryptography and all those aspects that frame the underlying concepts of cyber security and countermeasures.

Benefits of online bootcamp

  • Training reduces errors. Tools and tricks will help the participant reduce errors in the organisation
  • It will enhance the security mindset
  • An educated staff increases compliance
  • Time, money and reputation will be saved
  • Protect assets and prevent downtime
  • It will also help the participants start security initiatives in their organization.

What will the participants learn?

This online bootcamp integrates rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and e-learning activities as well as traditional didactic components such as written study guides (bootcamp notes). There are also opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums. The following modules contribute to the holistic approach your learning path takes:


Time Modules Resource person
Precourse reading Why hospitals are the perfect targets for Ransomware| Wired .pdfHacking a medical device
Day 1
4 – 4:30 pm Evolution of Internet – Link to Cyber Crime Sachin Gaur
4:30 – 5 pm Cyber Crime in Health Sector Sachin Gaur
5 – 5:30 pm Basics of Security – Part 1 Sachin Gaur
5:30 – 6 pm Basics of Security – Part 2 Sachin Gaur
6:00 – 6:30 pm Panel discussion with a thought leader
Homework – Procurement guidelines for cybersecurity in hospitals.pdf
– 10 Self Assessment Questionnaire.pdf
Day 2
4 – 4:30 pm Threat scenarios facing the healthcare industry Dhruv Singh
4:30 – 5 pm Procurement for a hospital / Health Service Sachin Gaur
5 – 5:30 pm How to make your organisation more secure ? Satyendra Verma
5:30 – 6 pm How to make your organisation more secure ? Satyendra Verma
6:00 – 6:30 pm Panel discussion with a thought leader
Homework Design your hospital cyber security policy
Day 3
4 – 4:30 pm DISHA Dhruv Singh
4:30 – 5 pm PDP Satyendra Verma
5:00 – 6:00 pm Open Discussion, course feedback and way forward Sachin Gaur
Satyendra Verma
Dhruv Singh
6:00 – 6:30 pm Panel discussion with a thought leader
Homework Case studies on scenarios for hospital dealing with endpoint, data security and Medical Device Security

InnovatioCuris(IC) will provide certificates to the participants by email, once they attend the full training.

Upcoming bootcamp dates

April 9 – 11, 2020

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Bootcamp fee: INR 5000

(Inclusive of applicable taxes)

Enough talk, let us start securing systems together