CAHO - InnovatioCuris Cyber Help Desk

Computers have exponentially taken over the functions of organisations due to their efficient performance, error smear and minimal human intervention capabilities. Due to this, they amount to hold an irreplaceable power in any field. However, the sinister side of the computers invoke threats like data stealing and compromising online accounts which can in turn be used for fraud, blackmail, siphoning resources, terrorism and in some cases shutdown of services and businesses.

Due to this, there is a much needed focus on securing the computer related platforms in any organisation. Your organisation may have been affected with a cyber related issue in the past or you may just be at the brink of being cyber attacked.

CAHO (Consortium of Accredited Health Organisations) and IC (InnovatioCuris) have come up with a cyber help desk where you may post your cyber related queries and also take cybersecurity self assessment and get an answer from cyber security auditors and experts. Please fill the form below.