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CAHO-IC Cyber Help desk

Cybersecurity for Hospitals


Computers have exponentially taken over the functions of organisations due to their efficient performance, error smear and minimal human intervention capabilities. Due to this, they amount to hold an irreplaceable power in any field. However, the sinister side of the computers invoke threats like data stealing and compromising online accounts which can in turn be used for fraud, blackmail, siphoning resources, terrorism and in some cases shutdown of services and businesses.

Due to this, there is a much needed focus on securing the computer related platforms in any organisation. Your organisation may have been affected with a cyber related issue in the past or you may just be at the brink of being cyber attacked.

CAHO (Consortium of Accredited Health Organisations) and IC (InnovatioCuris) have come up with a cyber help desk where you may post your cyber related queries and also take cybersecurity self assessment and get an answer from cyber security auditors and experts. Please fill the form below.

Purpose of Help desk

  • Help & Guide Indian healthcare organisations in the area of information security
  • To be the one stop place to visit in case of planning and management of cyber security at the healthcare providers
  • Engage all members as a community to enable peer learning and experience sharing with each other

Background of this Initiative

Increased uptake of digital during COVID-19 is unparalleled to what we have seen in the past. Health sector is one such sector where teleconsultation and other digital interventions are becoming mainstream during COVID-19. The cybercrime is also growing every day as more people are going online and health systems across the globe are facing more attacks every day. This initiative provides a single stop solution for cyber security linked issues for healthcare providers of India.


Training of healthcare professionals and hospitals in cyber security

Date: September 27, 2019
Venue: Mehta Hospital, Tamil Nadu, Chennai

Training of healthcare professionals and hospitals in cyber security

Date: April 12, 2019
Venue: Saifee Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

InnovatioCuris & CAHO cyber bootcamp for hospitals

Date: September 30, 2018
Venue: MS Ramaiah Hospital, Bangalore

No upcoming events

Know more

To check the status of your or your organisation’s information security, we came up with a self assessment questionnaire which could potentially make you self aware of the cyber security hygiene.

This section holds advisories related to cyber security for hospitals

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