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The importance of innovation to a company’s future is unquestionable. In today’s world, everyone is asking for improved results: better and easy access, faster diagnosis and treatment, more convenient ways, greater sensitivity to cultural differences and health disparities, increased effectiveness and so on. But if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we will only get the results we have always got. It is not enough that we merely pursue incremental improvements. The challenges that we face today call for more novel approaches—in simpler words, INNOVATIONS!

We have been working extensively for four years now, to support and foster innovations in the healthcare industry.

Hospital Innovation Screening Committee (HISC) is an initiative with the support of our ecosystem to bring out such innovations (focused on hospitals), validate them and contribute towards the faster implementation of the innovation. HISC is a platform to get your innovations, relevant for hospitals, validated from the industry thought leaders. This can also help with an opportunity to pilot, get relevant stakeholders and partners onboard to support and expedite the development and implementation of such innovations.

For Experts

  • Through this initiative the thought leaders in the field of healthcare innovations can provide expert remarks for betterment of Indian healthcare industry
  • Early access to the incoming innovations in the hospital industry

For Startups and Innovators

  • Get expert advice, support and guidance
  • Get your innovation validated / screened by some leading hospitals of the industry

Meet the HISC Experts

Dr Vijay Agarwal - Hospital Innovation Screening Committee expert

Dr Vijay Agarwal

President, Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO)

Dr Vijay Agarwal graduated (1968) and obtained post-graduation (1973) in Paediatrics from the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India. Over the last four decades, besides being a paediatrician of repute, he has played a key role in making an impact in improving the state of Healthcare in India. He played a key role in driving national programs such as Pulse Polio Program and introducing Centralized Waste Management Scheme in Delhi. These programs have had far-reaching impact. He continues to leverage his expertise as an excellent organizer, strategist & administrator and is presently championing the cause of patient safety and enhancing quality in healthcare delivery.
Dr Dharmendra Kumar Gupta - Hospital Innovation Screening Committee expert

Dr Dharmendra Kumar Gupta

Chairman and Managing Director, Felix Healthcare

Dr Vibha Jain - Hospital Innovation Screening Committee expert

Dr Vibha Jain

Deputy general manager-IT, Max Healthcare

Dr Vibha is a process oriented, outcome focused healthcare analyst with over 21 years of work
experience in healthcare. A clinician by qualification, she has been working in healthcare IT for close to 9 years. She is a medical graduate form LLRM Medical College Meerut and is an alumnus of Symbiosis International University from where she pursued her MBA. She has a highly successful record of accomplishment of clinical and business tech platforms like RIS
PACS, EHR, Online E prescription etc. in collaboration with cross-functional teams across the
organisation. She has a keen interest in working on solutions for cost effective healthcare deliveries and process transformation enabling operational efficiencies. With zeal to adding new skills and growing with the organisation, set up the IT EPMO for effective monitoring and execution of business critical projects. Currently she is working with Max Healthcare IT. She is working on setting up AI based platforms and clinical data analytics for clinical research & operations alongside upgrade of EHR which according to her is the backbone of clinical automation.


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