Training of healthcare professionals and hospitals in cyber security

19-20 April 2019

IIHMR, Plot no. 3
Sector 18A
Dwarka, Phase-II
New Delhi – 110075

About the Course

Cyber4Healthcare is a bootcamp which provide learners with principles of data and technology that frame and define cybersecurity. The course provides a dynamic learning experience where participants can explore foundational cyber security principles, security architecture, risk management, attacks, incidents, and emerging IT technologies. The course is developed by InnovatioCuris to empower the learners with awareness and basic hygiene of cyber security.

Learning Objectives

  • Principles of data and technology that frame and define cybersecurity
  • Framework on building a cyber culture and hygiene
  • Insight into the importance of cybersecurity
  • Knowledge on securing the data and mitigating the risk involved

Course Material

Each student will be provided with a hard copy of course content, student handbook, Online & offline learner support and group exercises.

Value Proposition for the Organization

  • Awareness of cyber security related to healthcare
  • Better compliance of regulations
  • Build a security culture
  • Empowered to mitigate with cyber threats


  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Web Security
  • Healthcare Compliances
  • Endpoint Security
  • Medical Device Security Framework
  • Building Control Security

About InnovatioCuris

InnovatioCuris which is commonly known as “IC” is a unique organization, which brings deep healthcare expertise, a scientific rigour on applying global innovation models & management processes by leveraging IT to deliver healthcare at an optimum cost.


IIHMR Delhi, established in 2008, is a premier, not for profit institution dedicated towards transforming healthcare through research, training and education. The Institute runs a full-time, AICTE approved, two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management enabling human resource professionals to make noteworthy contributions in healthcare delivery.

The institution is fully equipped with state of art facilities to take up Academic and Training programs. It has an excellent combination of faculty with different backgrounds (Medical and Non- medical) to take up Academics, Research and organise Management Development Programs in their respective specialties.

Resource persons

Sachin Gaur - Director of training at InnovatioCuris

Sachin Gaur

Director of training, InnovatioCuris

Sachin has a double M.Sc.(tech) in Mobile Security and Cryptography from Aalto University, Finland and University of Tartu, Estonia. He has worked in past with organizations like Adobe, C.E.R.N. and in research at the Aalto University in security related topics.

Dhruv Singh - Security Analyst at InnovatioCuris

Dhruv Singh

Security analyst, InnovatioCuris

Dhruv is a seasoned cyber security expert, training various institutions and defence organisations with a mission to empower them with cyber security.

Contact information

Limited accommodation is available at the venue

For accommodation queries

Shikha Bassi
+91 9811421668

For technical queries related to the course

Dhruv Singh
+91 9999108702

Payment information

Fees for the 2 day course is INR 15000 inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Payment can be made via the following methods.