About (IC)2

IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 is the brainchild of Surgeon Rear Admiral V K Singh (Retd.) who is also the author of the book “Innovations in Healthcare Management: Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions”. He, along with some like-minded partners created a company InnovatioCuris (IC) to address the high cost of healthcare through innovation, use of technology and similar tools. During the last year, IC has created a knowledge platform with webinars, conference and magazine to connect and disseminate information to innovators around the world. IC’s large network of senior thought leaders, start-up companies, investors, incubator organizations,   government officials, members of Parliament, ambassadors, academicians and many foreign dignitaries felt the need of a common platform to not only discuss innovation but to facilitate it. Thus, the idea of IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 was rooted and took shape.

The IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2  is a global network of healthcare innovators and aims to have members hailing not only from India but also across the globe. (IC)2 aims to connect some of the top leaders in healthcare for knowledge and skill sharing and create a nurturing environment where members can further enhance their skills. The Club provides educational opportunities to its members to learn new ways of thinking, discuss challenges faced in business, exchange ideas and engage with local, national and international dignitaries who are in the forefront of business development and thought leadership.

IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 Advisory Board
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Brigadier (Hony) Dr Arvind Lal


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Dr Ajoy Kumar


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Aravind Chinchure


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Pradeep Jaisingh


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Premkumar. S


[sg_popup id=”12″ event=”click”]Sharda Balaji, IC Club Advisory board member[/sg_popup]

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Sharda Balaji


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Atul K. Sethi


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Partha Dey


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Prof. Rishikesha T. Krishnan


[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”click”]Sandipan Gangopadhyay ICInnovatorCLUB advisory board member[/sg_popup]

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Sandipan Gangopadhyay


[sg_popup id=”10″ event=”click”]Dr. Shirshendu Mukherjee[/sg_popup]

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Dr. Shirshendu Mukherjee


[sg_popup id=”13″ event=”click”]Adarsh Sharma - IC Innovator Club advisor[/sg_popup]

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Adarsh Sharma


Mission & Vision

The IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 is created for Innovators and its mission is to support the growth of its members in their roles as Innovators, mainly through education, local and global networking, and strategic alliances and partnerships.

The objective of enhancing innovation among its members will be achieved through:

  • Creating a nurturing and creative environment to share global ideas
  • Special programs for identifying innovation needs in healthcare
  • Providing access to international markets through business delegations and business matchmaking programs
  • Expanding social resources through promoting social networking among members
  • Updating members on healthcare/business issues through reports and interactive sessions with experts
  • Various International Conferences & Seminars


Who should join?

Any person who has an interest in innovation, like start-ups, mentors, investors, IT, academicians, healthcare providers/ planner, device manufacturers, pharma sector, quality/lean experts and others, are welcome to join this group.

Benefits of (IC)2

  • Access to Latest Innovation Trends
  • Physical Meetings
  • Cross – country business opportunities
  • Global Networking
  • Training & Learning Programs
  • Conference, Magazine & Newsletters


A typical club event would comprise of an invited talk by authority on the subject matter, discussion on issues of members of the club linked with fostering innovation followed by a lunch/dinner/high tea. Club members can also nominate other members of the club as well as innovators from outside for presentation. Club will also have advisory committee for members to seek advise during the club meetings. We will have possibilities for remote participation for members who cannot travel for the club meetings. 


How to Apply

Membership of IC InnovatorClub would be open for individuals and organisations.

  • Please fill in this form (click here to open). So, that we know you better.
  • Once your membership is approved. Our team will contact you with a payment link. You can pay online using credit card / debit card or net banking.

Membership Details

  • The membership for IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 is open for individuals and organizations.
  • Once the membership is approved, a payment link is sent to the members. Mode of payment can be Credit/ Debit Card or NetBanking.
  • All CLUB members are eligible for a 10% discount on all the IC activities.
Fee Details Individual


Corporate or Institutional*


1 year 10.620 / 170 23,600 / 370
2 years 18,880 / 300 37,760 / 595
5 years 41,300 / 650 82,600 / 1300

* All the prices mentioned above are inclusive of applicable taxes

* – this fee is applicable for up to two members only. If more members desire to be registered from one corporate or institution, the fee can be adjusted accordingly.


The first IC InnovatorCLUB(IC)2 meeting was held at Indian International Center (IIC), Delhi on 20 September 2017 first half of the day. Click here to see the detailed agenda of the first meeting.


The second IC InnovatorCLUB(IC)2 meeting was be held at Indian International Center (IIC), Delhi on 26 November 2017. Click here to see the agenda of the second meeting.


The third IC InnovatorCLUB(IC)2 meeting was be held at Indian International Center (IIC), Delhi on 28 January 2018. Click here to see the agenda of the third meeting.


The fourth IC InnovatorCLUB(IC)2 meeting was held at Indian International Center (IIC), Delhi on 07 April 2018. Click here to see the agenda of the fourth meeting.


The club has been functional from 01 September 2017


For Inquiries

If you have a question about the IC InnovatorCLUB (IC)2 do not hesitate to write to us at info@innovatiocuris.com or call +91 9999979349 .

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