Cyber Security Program for Healthcare Professionals



Cyber Security is one of the biggest threat as well as opportunity in the contemporary world. The recent ransomware attack crippled NHS and over 100,000 other organizations in 100+ countries. In USA large hospitals have already been asked for millions of dollars in ransom as they had no alternative to recover important patient records.


Compromises have been done from medical devices (like pacemakers) to medical records. Health sector is increasingly leveraging technology and being connected from remote/home care to running connected ambulances. Also, governments are waking up to the requirements of mandating ehealth systems, maintaining national registries of various diseases and other policy initiatives. That means the health sector will be more digital and connected in times to come. Hence, the threat of cyber attacks will only increase with time and will put the health sector professionals under immense stress. The need of the hour is to equip oneself with all possible mitigation strategies and as they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’ applies very well for cyber security domain and not just the medical space.

About Organisers


IC, commonly known as InnovatioCuris is committed to the vision of bringing down the healthcare delivery cost and yet keeping the quality. IC has a global network of 30,000 health experts world over and runs many knowledge sharing initiatives like quarterly webinars and magazine, annual international conference and innovators club. IC has partnered with Kratikal Academy Private Limited for launching initiatives into cyber security training. IC brings the core expertise of health sector and Kratikal brings the practical knowledge and capability of security audits and testing. Kratikal has trained more than 15,000 students in over 100 countries via online and offline mode.


Association of Healthcare Providers (India) represents the vast majority of healthcare providers in India. It is registered under Indian Society Registration ACT- 1860 as “not for profit” organization. It educates to its members and at the same time, advocates with the government, regulatory bodies and other stake holders on issues, which have bearing on enabling its member organizations in delivering of Universal Healthcare Services to the community at large.The AHPI Institute of Healthcare Quality develops and conduct various healthcare management courses focusing on patient safety and healthcare quality.


Who should attend?

  • Hospital Owners
  • Hospital Management, CXOs
  • IT staff
  • Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff

About the Program


The two day program for health care professional addresses the immediate threats to health systems by empowering healthcare professionals with much needed information. The cyber security threats are rising everyday and the human resources are the weakest link in the system. Hence, we need to take immediate steps to empower health sector professionals.


The program will provide a solid foundation on day one to deal with security breaches and other attacks. As it is said that, “security is not about nuts and bolts, it is about the mindset”.


Day two will focus on more hands on exercises and practical problem solving for people to deal with situations that they might have to face when an attack on their facility takes place.

Day 1 Modules


Module number Module description Module duration
Module 1 The evolution of Internet technologies and basis of Internet crime 2 hours
Module 2 The future of Internet Crime and legal aspects 2 hours
Module 3 Demystifying jargons of Internet security, establishing fundamentals 1.5 hours
Module 4 Internet tools and strategies for mitigating cyber risk I 1.5 hours

Day 2 Modules


Module number Module description Module duration
Module 5 Internet tools and strategies for mitigating cyber risk I 2 hours
Module 6 Practical exercises for security audit of personal information/systems 2 hours
Module 7 Practical exercises for security audit at system level 1.5 hours
Module 8 Health sector threats discussion and participant feedback 1.5 hours

Fee structure


For individual participants, the fees will be charged INR 10,000 per participant exclusive of applicable taxes.


For in-house organisations of the course a lump sum amount of INR 260,000 will be charged exclusive of applicable taxes. (maximum of 40 participants will be allowed). The organization interested will have to arrange for training venue, catering, airfare and accommodation of two faculty people.

Fee Submission


All Cheque/DD drawn in favor of:


Association of Healthcare Providers (India)

Payable at New Delhi


Account Number : 038601002052 (ICICI Bank)

RTGS/NEFT IFS Code : ICIC0000386

Course Coordinators (Adacemic)

Dr V K Singh, Innovatiocuris,
Mobile: +91 98715 14722

Sachin Gaur, Innovatiocuris,
Mobile: +91 99999 79349